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I bought the Angie's list special $89.00 for installation of a garbage disposer.Called Benjamin Franklin and they came out right away. I bought a disposer at Lowes, and Mike put it in for me. He also showed me where my strainer basket and piping were leaking under the sink. Gave me an estimate of $185 for that. I agreed to the work and he did it. Good phone appointment setter. Prompt service. Very clean and careful in your house- they put down a mat and wear booties. Work was well performed. I've had several plumbers in the last two years, and each did a good job, and each was shockingly expensive to me. I guess I'm out of touch with reality. I'm totally delighted with the Insinkerator compact quiet disposer I bought. It is so quiet and efficient. Good experience with this plumber. I would use them a gain.

-Laurie M.

They were very good. They were miracle workers. I have been calling plumbing companies and they never show up. These guys came out exactly when they were supposed to. They gave me the estimate and showed up next day with something that was needed. They did all the work within a day. They came in and fixed the whole thing. There were two guys and they fixed everything within four to five hours. The floor was perfect. The work was fixed in such a way that you would never know about it. I would use them in the future

-Janet P

They installed a chlorine/ammonium whole-house water filtration system, and also replaced the coils in my HVAC. I was very pleased. The technicians gave me a fair price, were professional, and cleaned up well after themselves.

-Terri K

The plumber gave me free advise on how to solve my problem. His advise was sound and I solve the problem myself.

-James F

Removed and disposed of old hot water heater. Installed new hot water heater (conventional), expansion tank and pressure regulator. It's 6:15AM and your hot water heater drain valve literally falls off. Who you gonna call? My husband tried to deal with the water spewing into our garage while I hit "The List". Most of the so called 24 hour emergency service companies didn't even bother to answer their phone! I woke up Ken and within the hour Nick and Matt were on site. They dealt with us in a very professional, calm manner, assessed the situation and made several recommendations. We were given the pros and cons and allowed to make the choice that made us the most comfortable.What amazed me was that they completed the job that day! A day that started out so stressful ended quite calmly. Thanks guys! I would most definitely use this company again.

-Lois W

My wife woke me with a scream around 6:45 AM and I jumped out of bed to see what was wrong and found two inches of water in every room in my house expect the master bed and bath. I went outside and turned off my water and called Kalkas Ben Franklin plumbing. Kevin (the owner) arrived in less than a half hour and located my water leak. I was sick as a dog from the flu and this was the last thing I needed. Kevin helped me move some furniture out of the water, replaced the faulty part, and gave me the name of a company that cleans up after major water damage and drys the house. This is about the 4th or 5th time I've used Kalkas Ben Franklin Plumbing over the last 10+ years and he's always been fair in his pricing, friendly, prompt, and done an excellent job. I'm in the retail business myself so I understand good service and won't put up with shabby work or a bad attitude. I always go out of my way to refer a company or person who does a good job, but I also make sure to tell a company or person that they aren't doing a good job so they can correct it or remedy the problem. And if they don't, I let others know that they aren't worth doing business with. Kalkas Ben Franklin is a company I would highly recommend and will continue to use if I need plumbing, heating, or A/C work

-Paul T

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How do you know a company cares about the quality of their work? They stand behind it - that's how. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, the warranties and guarantees are industry leading because of our experienced technicians and the high quality parts we use. Our technicians are friendly, clean, polite, drug-free and experienced--and our techniques are state-of-the-art, guaranteed!

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